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And they go tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet like little birds

Recently I ripped a bunch of Talking Heads CDs, and one of the songs (on disc 1 of the Sand in the Vaseline compilation) is an early B-side titled:

Love → Building On Fire

with the arrow read as "goes to" like in mathematical limit expressions. (They're an art-rock band, go fig.) :} When I put the disc into my CD drive and let Easy CD-DA Extractor program fetch the track info from freedb, the song's title came up as:

Love --> Building On Fire

which is an acceptable rendition that looks right on non-Unicode-enabled machines. Unfortunately, the less-than and greater-than symbols are illegal characters in Windows filenames, so when making the mp3 file, CD-DA replaced the greater-than sign with a parenthesis as per my user-defined settings, resulting in a file named:

Talking Heads - Love --) Building On Fire.mp3

Love pickaxe Building On Fire? Not quite the right thing. I wondered if maybe I'd have to fake my way around the arrow by naming it "Love [goes to] Building On Fire.mp3" or something. But then I remembered that Windows allows Unicode in filenames, so I fired up Character Map, and changed the filename to:

Talking Heads - Love → Building On Fire.mp3


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