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New ethnic jokes

I've discovered an ethnicity it's okay to tell jokes about: the Goaheadandmakefunofussians. These people, who live in the country of Goaheadandmakefunofus, don't seem to mind being the butt of jokes, and in fact they often tell jokes about themselves. Goaheadandmakefunofussians are stereotyped in a variety of ways, as illustrated by the following selection of popular Goaheadandmakefunofussian jokes:

Q: How many Goaheadandmakefunofussians does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: An absurdly large number, suggesting that they perform the task in some ridiculously unorthodox manner.

A Goaheadandmakefunofussian walks into a bar. The bartender says something to him. He misunderstands it in a hilarious way.

Q: How can you tell if a Goaheadandmakefunofussian has been in your house?
A: Look for evidence of recent activities characteristic of peculiar Goaheadandmakefunofussian customs or habits.

A man from a certain country, a man from another certain country, and a Goaheadandmakefunofussian were involved in some sort of activity. The first man performs some action characteristic of the habits of his people. The second man performs some action that contrasts with the first and typifies his own people as well. The Goaheadandmakefunofussian makes some comment that plays off the actions of the first two men and shows either extreme cleverness or extreme stupidity on his part.

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