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Only half the show

I'd like to mention Avenue Q one more time and put in a plug for it: if you've heard the songs and like them, and you get a chance to go see the play, by all means go. Even if you haven't heard the songs, by all means go. So much the better; you'll get to hear them for the first time in their proper context!

The soundtrack album is fun, but it's only half the show. Have you heard "Purpose" and thought it was a little thin and repetitive? That's because you haven't seen the spectacular choreography of Princeton and his chorus of singing and dancing cardboard moving boxes. I'm also willing to bet you haven't seen any of the "educational" video clips that play on the screens that descend from the theatre ceiling every now and then. Or the phantasmagorical nightmare that Princeton slips into after the wedding scene. Or Nicky & Rod's dreamscape dance number in "Fantasies Come True". Or the Bad Idea Bears, who are one of the funniest parts of the whole show!

Girl bear: "Buy beer! Yaaay!"
Princeton: "I'm not gonna spend my parents' money on beer!"
Girl bear: "Awww... That makes me so sad..."
Boy bear: "I think I'm going to cry!"

(They're the ones saying "Take her home! She's wasted!" at the beginning of "You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You're Makin' Love)".)

Apparently some people out there have never even heard of Avenue Q. Basically, it's Sesame Street for grownups. Instead of learning to count and say the alphabet, the characters have to deal with life after college. (This is definitely not a show to bring your kids to; there are a few swears and one scene of puppet nudity.)

Man, I hope they make the play into a movie someday so everyone can see it!

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