A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Back from Avenue Q

Every bit as enjoyable the second time around! Plus this time I had the benefit of knowing how the plot went, and thus picking up on lines that I missed the first time.

Ooops, there was a glitch during this performance! During "The Internet is for Porn", when Trekkie Monster says "Ready, normal people?" the window that Princeton was supposed to come out of was stuck, and the actor couldn't get it open. So, to avoid missing his cue, he scooted over to share a window with Rod. And when Mrs. Thistletwat calls Kate on the phone the second time, she's supposed to appear in that same window, so she did the same as Princeton and appeared in the window next to it. (It was fixed during intermission.)

Also, during "The Money Song", when the characters come offstage into the audience to pass the hat, at one point I looked back to see how far up Princeton had gone. He'd gotten all the way to the back of the auditorium; and then I looked up and noticed another Princeton on the mezzanine level. Presumably there was also a third Princeton on the upper level, but I couldn't see up there. Also presumably, on the other side, Nicky had reached the back as well, and also also presumably, there were two other Nickies on the mezzanine and upper levels.

I also noticed that some audience members did put money in the hats! And at the end of the show, Robert McClure (actor of Princeton & Rod) came out without a puppet to tell us that any money we put in the hats goes to a charity organization called Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

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