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We're "completely unfathomable"!

Recently someone on IRC pointed me to a Portal of Evil entry about a Minerva Mink-related homepage (I'm not gonna link to it; you can search for it if you want)... I read some of the comments, and amidst all the posts about "I liked Animaniacs when I was a kid, but now I realize it sucks" was this thingy here, posted by a certain jrr:
You are witnessing the very edge of furry fandom, and the most acceptable. "Funny animals" are quite popular in mainstream culture, and most everyone has laughed at a Bugs Bunny cartoon at some point.

When the furry fandom started forming in the early 80's, this was its focus. "Hey, we like cartoon animals. Let's get together and talk about cartoon animals." It was little different than "hey, we like Dr. Who. Let's get together and talk about Dr. Who." Lame in both counts, but understandable.

Unfortunately, furry fandom quickly mutated into a furry lifestyle. The obsession with creating "original, personal" characters became the driving force, and those "fanboys" who just wanted to talk about Mickey Mouse and Sonic the Hedgehog were looked down upon by those who wanted to post epic chat logs about NyghtStarr FuckDragon and BloodSeed WolfBorn scritching and yiffing each other.

Since then, the furry fandom has gone on to become a bloated, inbred, completely unfathomable mass of self-centered MUCKing, ConFURences, bitchy infighting and hack writers churning out endless "fanfics" about characters no one outside of their tiny circle-jerk of online friends has ever heard of.

There is a fundamental difference between the furry fandom and every other fandom out there; normal fandoms (Star Trek, Star Wars, Tolkein, Anime) are obsessed with works produced by professionals outside their ranks. The furry fandom is obsessed with itself.

I like funny cartoon animals. I can't stand furries.

In other words, furry fandom is different from other fandoms, because instead of just worshiping characters from TV, movies, comics or books, created by someone else, we also create our own characters.

Leave it to the jerkoffs at Portal of Evil to consider this a bad thing.

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