A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Sitting in the English Braille waiting for the sun

Remember my previous post about grade 2 Braille? The chart I put up showed a simplified version of it. But then I got to thinkin', you guys are all big kids now. I'm sure you can handle a more complete version!

So here it is, the whole alphabet and all the available contractions and punctuations an' stuff in grade 2 Braille, or English Braille as it's properly called.

English Braille chart

Actually, even that's not the whole thing; there's other stuff I left out, about how to write poetry and math and music. But I figure if you're really interested in that, you can go look it up somewhere.

As before, I got all my info from http://www.brl.org/ebae/index.html .

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