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This is Braille in grade 2, baby

Sometimes on the net I find cartoons that make reference to Braille. And sometimes it's obvious that whoever did the cartoon went and looked up the Braille alphabet, intending to use it properly as opposed to just scattering a bunch of random dots. Here's a good example.

However, in most cases, as in the above example, what they end up using is grade 1 Braille, which is just the alphabet, with all words spelled out.

What they haven't heard of is grade 2 Braille. Grade 2 Braille contains a system of contractions and abbreviations for saving space when writing certain common digraphs such as "sh" and "ed", and certain common words such as "the" and "and".

So I decided to whip up a handy chart:

Chart of the most commonly used elements of grade 2 Braille

There was a recent XKCD strip that used Braille with one grade 2 contraction (ED), but the artist apparently missed two other contractions he could have also used: GH, and P for "people". D'oh.

To learn more about Braille, I recommend http://www.brl.org/ebae/index.html .

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