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One day to Santa Fe!

Well, one day till I hit the road, then another two days after that till Santa Fe. But I'm almost ready; I got supplies, I've made maps (yes, made; I couldn't find maps of Santa Fe or Albuquerque here in town, pfaugh, but once I reach New Mexico I'm hoping I can get some).

My schedule:
Monday, Sep. 3: Drive I-45 to US 287. I'd love to reach Amarillo for the night, but failing that, Childress, Vernon, or maybe Wichita Falls will do.

Tuesday, Sep. 4: Drive the rest of the way to Santa Fe, along I-40 to US 285. Check into Motel 6.

Wednesday, Sep. 5: Drive to Four Corners Monument. Take pictures and wacky video footage. Drive back to Santa Fe. This will be an all-day event.

Thursday, Sep. 6: See the burning of Zozobra. Like Burning Man, but much uglier and no nudity allowed.

Friday, Sep. 7: Enjoy the Santa Fe Fiesta.

Saturday, Sep. 8: Drive to Rio Rancho. Have lunch with byackley. Drive towards home.

Sunday, Sep. 9: Drive the rest of the way home.

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