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MFM questionnaire, sort of

There's this questionnaire going around for people who will be attending MFM this year. I won't be able to attend MFM this year, but I figure if I change one or two letters in each question, I can at least have the fun of filling out the questionnaire. So here goes!

Q: Whore will you be?
A: No, sex for money I will not be having.

Q: When are you getting in and leaping?
A: I have no plans to jump to my death.

Q: How will I spit you?
A: Cut! No no no, the line is "I wish I knew how to spit you". Let's try this again. Action!

Q: Where are you staring?
A: At the computer screen.

Q: Why will you be with?
A: Because I won't go anywhere without.

Q: Are you an Arfist, Do you do free arf?
A: No. Ask a dog.

Q: Do you do grades?
A: As much as I respect the teaching profession, boy am I glad I'm not one.

Q: Do you do cognissions?
A: The word is "cognitions", and yes, I frequently sense stuff, become aware of it, and mentally process it.

Q: Do you have points/ODs?
A: No, I'm no longer a porcupine, and I've never taken too much of any drug.

Q: Do you do budges?
A: Yes, occasionally I shift from place to place.

Q: If you aren't an arfist, what is your favorite innerest?
A: I think you mean "innermost". My favorite innermost is the Earth's inner core. It's hotter than the molten outer core, but it's under so much pressure that it's solid.

More Personal Stuff

Q: What is your gander?
A: A male goose.

Q: How odd are you?
A: Very odd indeed.

Q: Are you token?
A: No, I was cast for my personality, not to fill a "character type".

Q: Can I couch you?
A: Depends on what sort of terms you want to couch me in.

Q: Can I tack to you?
A: Sure! Just signal your crew to come about and keep a steady hand on the tiller.

Q: Is it ok to hog you?
A: No! Save some of me for other people.

Q: Can I buy you a cap of coffee or something to frink?
A: Caps tend to be made of fabric, which is porous, and therefore not the best material to hold coffee in. Nn-hey.

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