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Stardust and noscript (no, I'm not saying Stardust didn't have a script)

Saw "Stardust" yesterday. It was entertaining, but parts of it were predictable. Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Niro) was the best character. But it had the same problem for me as a lot of fantasy/adventure films: we see the good guy fighting the bad guy, but then after the good guy triumphs, we just get this brief narration... "He ruled benevolently for 80 years and all was well" ...and that's the end of the film. I always kinda want to see what life is like in the magical realm, post-bad-guy. And yes, I am one of those weirdoes who wish the epilogue of the last Harry Potter book had been longer. :}

Also last night, my friends on IRC finally talked me into getting over my laziness and installing Firefox's noscript extension. Hopefully this will mean the end of those annoying webpage ads that cover up part of the stuff I'm trying to read! Also, I just installed noscript out here on Firefox on Mom's computer. Now I can feel good about turning Javascript back on and making LJ easier to use!

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