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KT, when ya gonna get back to the con diaries?

I've been sort of sitting here thinking about picking up my cartoon diaries again and finally making some progress on them... except tonight and tomorrow are not going to be good for that, because we've got a big cabinet-shelf-thingy for the bathroom that needs assembling, and that's earmarked for tomorrow. But if we can get it put together in one day, I can definitely get back to the diaries on Saturday.

In the meantime, here's something else I've been obsessed with the past few days. Remember that map I made showing which US states I've been to, using different colors to indicate different levels of been-there-ness? Someone suggested I add Canada. So, I've finally done that... and thrown in Mexico for free! (Did you know that Mexico is divided into states, just like the USA?)

Map of which states KT has visited

That one Mexican state I've visited is Quintana Roo, which contains the island of Cozumel, which I visited during the second Furry Cruise. (That's another diary I need to finish so I can show you...)

I made this in Photoshop, and I've got a file that's set up so I can easily color any state, province, or estado. Anybody want me to whip one up for you?

[EDIT: Form, with updated categories, has moved to new post. To get a map of your own, go there. (And yes, the offer is open indefinitely.) :} ]

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