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WORD cord chord chard char chai chain CHAINS chain chin chi ahi Ari ARE fare far fan FUN

After I wrote my LJ post about word chains, I wanted to try using them to morph a whole sentence into another. Example:

I have a car.
Bi cave as cat.
By care is hat.
My car is hit.
My car is wit.
My car is whit.
My car is white.

But I quickly ran into trouble. Both sentences must contain exactly the same number of words, and must use only words that can be used in word chains using the rules I came up with in the previous post. This makes it really hard to come up with interesting sentences. I have a car, my car is white, whoopty-doo.

But suppose I wanted to do something like morph the old adage "Look before you leap" into the contradictory adage "He who hesitates is lost". One sentence has 4 words, the other has 5. This difference, it strikes me, is easy to overcome; I can make a word disappear entirely by shrinking it down to one letter and removing it in the next step, and I can introduce an extra word by the reverse of this process. Thus, I can create the word "is" by introducing "I" into the sentence and then adding an S to it. But what about that word "hesitates"? The only word I can think of to turn it into in one step is "hesitate", and then I get stuck. And "before" gives me similar problems.

So I decided to add a new rule: if I need to change to or from a word and can't do it in one step, I may perform two steps at once. Thus, I can change "before" into "fore", and "hesitate" into "gestate". This allows me to have the following:

Look before you leap.
Hook fore yon I lead.
Hoop wore con is lad.
Hop woe can is lag.
Hep woo cat is log.
He who eat is lot.
He who seat is lost.
He who stat is lost.
He who state is lost.
He who estate is lost.
He who gestate is lost.
He who hesitate is lost.
He who hesitates is lost.

Anybody else wanna try it?

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