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Our freezer is moodily lit.

Our freezer is moodily lit, because today, after many years of steady operation, the lightbulb in the top half burned out. Now it's all dark up there when I go to get ice, the only light coming up around the front edge of the bottom shelf from the lower half. It looks especially dramatic when I pull out the ice cube tray and the light filters up through the ice cubes.

So my plans for tomorrow, in addition to seeing the Simpsons movie and buying groceries, involve looking for a replacement bulb. It looks like a standard round lightbulb, smaller than the kind you put in a lamp (unless you've gone fluorescent), but I can't tell what the wattage is because the printing on the end has somehow become smeared beyond recognition. It looks like it's been flaking off and the flakes have moved around. My plan is to take the old one with me and try to match it.

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