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Element contest

I could use a little impetus to get back into the swing of drawing things, so here's a little contest. This is a trivia question that circuit_four came up with and posted in a friendslocked entry. Try to answer from memory. No cheating and looking anything up or listening to Tom Lehrer's "The Elements"! Of course, if you've already got "The Elements" memorized, that doesn't count as cheating.

There are nine elements in the Periodic Table whose names have no letters in common with their symbols. What are they?

Bonus question: There are two elements whose symbols are not derived from their English names, but which nevertheless each share one letter with their symbols. What are they?

The first person to answer both questions correctly will get a free colored drawing of their subject matter of choice. The first person besides him/her to answer the main question correctly will get a free pencil sketch of their subject matter of choice.

Comments arewere screened. (Now that prizes have been awarded, no point screening comments anymore.

Update: That was quick! hartree and linnaeus are our two lucky winners.

The hardest one to remember seems to be antimony (Sb). Ooo, that wascawwy antimony!

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