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Ratatouille again

Wow, lotsa lines. Thanks! I am indeed getting email notifications. I'll see if the Internet Anagram Server can handle them. If not, I'll just cobble together a buncha silly stuff. I figured, as long as I'm comment whoring (does it count as comment whoring if you're only doing it for technical reasons?) I figured I'd make a game out of it.

Saw Ratatouille again today. It definitely holds up to multiple viewings, even if only to figure out what all the characters are saying in their French accents. F'rinstance, I didn't get until this time around that when Colette is talking about Pompidou (the pastry chef) being banned from Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, she prefaces it by saying, "Don't play cards with Pompidou." Not that the French accents bothered me, like they have some people. They work, in this case. It's the kitchen of a classy French restaurant in Paris; American accents would have sounded out of place. Of course, Linguini doesn't have a French accent, which works because he's a fish out of water who doesn't know his way around a kitchen, and Remy doesn't have a French accent either, which makes sense because really he's not speaking human language anyway, and this also helps the American audience identify with them.

Also it struck me how much of Anton Ego's dialog and interactions with other characters is based on spitting and swallowing (and the double entendres are not even sexual; they're purely culinary). "Spit it out!" he says to Armbrister. When Armbrister mentions that Gusteau's is popular again, Ego starts to spit-take, but then checks the label on the wine he's drinking and swallows the rest. Then right after he says to Linguini, "If I don't love it, I don't swallow," Linguini swallows. Anybody notice any other instances I've missed?

And y'know? Some people find the device of Remy manipulating Linguini like a puppet by pulling his hair a little too weird, but I don't think it's that much harder to accept than a rat who can cook gourmet food despite being raised in the attic of a country house.

And nobody so far has brought up what turns out to be the one thing Linguini's actually good at... skating. :}

Heh heh. At the store today I saw a line of cereals based on Pixar movies. I don't remember their exact names, but there was, like, Incredible Bits & Finding Nemo-O's or something. And I thought, what, no Ratatouille cereal? Made with real eggplant chunks! Kids'll love it (but only if they're French)!

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