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Ratatouille, c'est très bon!

Teaser for Pixar's next feature, Wall-E. Starts with one of the animators talking about a lunch break at which John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Joe Ranft (RIP) came up with the basic ideas for several Pixar movies, including A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo, and the last of those was about a robot named Wall-E. In the teaser itself, Wall-E, a robot who crushes scrap metal into cubes looks longingly up at the stars. I've heard (elsewhere) that it will be dialog-less. Looks interesting.

Short: Lifted. A rookie alien has trouble with the tractor beam on his first abduction. Maybe if they'd label all those switches...

Feature: "Ratatouille". You probably know the basic plot: Remy is a rat with a taste for good food instead of garbage. He makes friends with Linguini, the new garbage boy at Gusteau's, and helps him fake being a chef. Then he finds himself torn between helping Linguini and rejoining the rest of his rat clan. Many very funny scenes. The one that made me laugh the hardest I don't want to spoil; let's just say it involves the health inspector. Also, John Ratzenberger's voice is hard to spot, because just as in The Incredibles where he played the Underminer, he doesn't sound like Cliff Clavin. These two movies were both directed by Brad Bird; I guess he really knows how to put Ratzenberger's talents to good use!

After the movie, I went to the Disney Store to buy a Remy plushie, and used my ticket stub to get a free Linguini pin. (If you see the movie during the first week and take your ticket stub to a Disney Store, they'll give you a free character pin. It's square, with a picture of one of the characters on it.) They also had some plush figures of Linguini (as well as the other characters), but you can't make him move by pulling on his hair. Pfaugh!

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