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Surf's up again

Started making preparations for Anthrocon. Bought a document tray, a pencil holder, and a plunger. (Those aren't for Anthrocon.)

Saw Surf's Up again today. Still fun! Other studios are learning from Pixar. This one is by Sony, and it does for surfing what Pixar has done for the deep sea and auto racing: present it in realistic detail to please enthusiasts, while using it as the backdrop for a fun story featuring fanciful characters. Since seeing the movie the first time, I learned that two of the characters, Kelly Slater and Rob Machado, are real-life pro surfers playing themselves (as penguins), and Sal Masekela, the announcer on SPEN (Sports Penguin Entertainment Network), is a real-life surfer and sports announcer (as well as the son of jazz musician Hugh Masekela). He is not seen in the movie, but presumably he's a penguin too. :}

There are three disgusting things in the movie: the main character (Cody)'s mom regurgitates a meal for Cody and his brother, another penguin pees on Cody's foot (the pee itself is not shown), and Cody and another penguin land in glowing jellylike stuff identified as glowworm poop.

Some idiot in the theater had a laser pointer. Fortunately, he only pointed it at the screen a couple times at the very beginning and end of the movie. Are they gonna have to ban those?!

Bought an advance ticket for Ratatouille on Friday. I'm gonna see it the day it comes out! I think this'll really be a good movie. Y'know how all the kids in the entire world wanted pet clownfish after seeing Finding Nemo? Well, this movie will make them all want to learn to be French chefs! It'll be great!

Went to Olive Garden to pick up dinner. Chicken Marsala for me, mixed grill for Dad, lasagna for Mom. Buon appetito!

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