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The ABCs of taking off your pants

Abandon your abdominal apparel
Bring down your britches
Cast off your culottes
Drop your dungarees
Eliminate your Evisus
Forfeit your flannels
Give up your gabardines
Hop out of your hose
Ixnay your island jams
Jettison your jodhpurs
Kick off your khakis
Lose your Levis
Mislay your Mudds
Negate your Nudies
Ostracize your overalls
Peel off your pedal pushers
Quit your Q-sports
Remove your rompers
Shed your shorts
Take off your trousers
Unmount your undies
Vamoose your Vanderbilts
Whisk off your waders
X out your XLs
Yield your YaYas
Zip off your Zubaz

(Edit: Changed knickerbockers to khakis after yippee, changed Wranglers to waders after masem, and changed "slacks" to "shorts" after catsarah, all for improved pronunciation)

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