A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Mattress revisited, Surf's Up, and Sulfur Island

So, we decided to keep the thick mattress after all. It would just be a lot more hassle to get it exchanged, and possibly some extra expense, and the mattress I got is a perfectly good one. If my feet not touching the floor is too much of a problem, there are things I can do about it, like removing the frame and putting the box spring directly on the floor, or getting a stepstool. As for the clock, I've needed to get something else to put it on for a long time now.

Yesterday I saw "Surf's Up". It was fun, and visually impressive, and I like the character designs. The story was pretty good too.

I hear the Japanese government has renamed Iwo Jima as Iwo To (or Iwōtō), which is what it was called before WWII. The two names are different readings of the same Japanese characters, 硫黄島; it seems a Japanese naval officer who arrived on the island to fortify it used the wrong reading when telling the Americans the name. So ever since then the inhabitants have been asking the government to change the name back, and they've finally done it. But now several WWII veterans are upset that calling the island "Iwo To" disrespects its history. I'd say calling it "Iwo Jima" in the first place disrespected even more history, but on the other hand it is basically a tiny barren island fit for little more than mining sulfur (the name, whichever way it's pronounced, means "sulfur island"). So... I dunno. What do you think?

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