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Stuff I want to tout because I (hope I) like it

There's an album in stores called Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur, featuring covers of John Lennon songs. The first two songs on the album are Instant Karma by U2, and #9 Dream by R.E.M. I like what I've heard so far!

Update: Aargh. Too many songs on disc 2 are too... *reverent*. In that slow boring way. And Flaming Lips ruined one of my favorite songs ((Just Like) Starting Over) by taking the swing out of it and being completely unable to sing on-key! Recommendation: Play disc 1, then play only the first and last tracks of disc 2. (The last track is Regina Spektor singing "Real Love", and she plays it slow and reverent, but at least she does it well.)

Chili's restaurant has a new kind of dessert called Sweet Shots. Each one is a little dessert sampler in a double shot-sized glass (but contains no alcohol). There's one made with seven kinds of chocolate, there's a strawberry cheesecake shot, and there's Dutch apple caramel. Each one is a satisfying little dessert on its own (and if you usually avoid ordering restaurant desserts because they're too big, that's not a problem. These are small!) or you can order all three at once. I like 'em, and I want Chili's to keep these on the menu, so if you've been thinking of going to Chili's, go there and order Sweet Shots!

The movie "Surf's Up" looks like yet another copycat penguin movie, doesn't it? But according to Jerry Beck of Cartoon Brew, it's actually worth seeing! I'm gonna go see it this week.

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