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"My Cage" revisited

So in a previous post, I was afraid that the new comic strip My Cage was going to be another Dilbert clone. Since then, I've been pleasantly surprised to find more fun surrealism and less trite office satire than in "Dilbert". On May 24 (the King Features site won't let me link directly to strips, so use the dropdown box), Norman gets a pet amoeba. Later, he gets a "foxy" new coworker (June 5), whom he compares to "Salmon Hayek" (June 7; yay to artist Melissa DeJesus for making a fish look sexy!) Norm's brain, libido and heart have an argument (June 11), and the libido is illustrated in a clever censor-dodging way. :}

Today's strip (June 13) answers the question that hangs over every furry comic strip: do the characters eat each other, or if not, why not? In some strips, the answer is "They do" (Kevin & Kell, Pearls Before Swine), but in most, the issue is never addressed. It can usually be assumed to either be "They never have" or "Their ancestors did, but they've evolved since then". In today's My Cage, the answer is explicitly given as "their ancestors did", as Norm and Jeff (the shark) show off body parts that were once used to attack/eat other animals.

Oh yeah, and some strips show interesting art on the characters' walls. There's a restaurant with a photo of a seal fisherman (that is, he's a seal) who has caught a mermaid (May 23); Max has a cute puppy cheesecake pinup in his office (May 26), and Norm himself has a calendar with a picture of a reverse mermaid (June 12)!

So yeah, I'm liking the strip a lot more now. :}

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