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Shrek the Third

So today I bought a laundry hamper for our new bathroom.

Then I saw Shrek the Third. I enjoyed it! The best scene is Snow White vs. the Tree Guards, where she sings her usual lovely melody, attracting all the little woodland creatures... and then her tune switches to "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin and they all ATTACK!

I also like how the Shrek movies are full of enough weird stuff that at the funeral for the Frog King (John Cleese), a chorus of frogs can sing "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney & Wings, and it doesn't seem out of place!

Oh yes, and I'm glad that the scene of Shrek being knocked over by projectile vomit spewing from inside a baby carriage, as seen in the trailer, was just a dream sequence. Frankly, I'm also glad Fiona doesn't give birth till the end of the movie. Though now I fear that if there's a fourth Shrek movie, it'll be full of baby-ogre jokes. I hope the writers at least let them age past all the potty-training and learning to talk and whatnot before the start of the next movie.

Donkey and Dragon's hybrid offspring were cute, though! Oh yes, and Puss in Boots trying to do the big-sad-eyes bit while stuck in Donkey's body was funny. Eric Idle as Merlin was pretty good too. And I liked a bunch of other stuff too. I suck as a movie critic, but oh well at least I'm not getting paid. :}

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