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XM Suspends Opie and Anthony for 30 Days


Opie and Anthony, who last week apologized for the sex comments, struck a more defensive tone on Monday's broadcast. They lamented the state of radio and what they perceived as excessive reactions to comments made by themselves and other radio disc jockeys.

"We're under the same scrutiny as (National Public Radio) -- it doesn't make sense," they said on Monday's show.

The pair also expressed sympathy for Don Imus, saying his career is now "gone, just because he was trying to entertain people."

Now, on the one hand, although I don't like shock-jock-style humor and I've never heard these guys, I'm wondering: isn't satellite radio supposed to be totally uncensored and offer complete creative freedom? Might XM's actions have a chilling effect?

On the other hand, if these guys pissed off their bosses at XM that badly, perhaps it indicates that as shock jocks and other outrageous performers go, they're not very bright. That they don't know how to dance along the line dividing what's acceptable content from what's not. That instead they've gone and trampled blindly over it with big clodhopper feet. Also, to use the terminology of their target audience, they are such pussies. Would you like french cries with your waaaahmburger, fellas? Buck up, take your medicine like a man and be more like your daddy Howard Stern, who eats 30-day suspensions for breakfast! [Disclaimer: I've never listened to Howard Stern either, so I don't know what he actually does eat for breakfast.]

On the third hand (yig-ped!)... Don Imus didn't get fired "just because he was trying to entertain people", he got fired for making nasty, racist comments about a basketball team of girls who've achieved more than he ever will, without benefit of the traditional societal privileges that he as a white man enjoys. And I should point out this was no isolated incident: the guy's career was based on making such nasty comments. I hope the fact that his career is over means that American culture is starting to change for the better.

Also I hear Jerry Falwell died yesterday. Some people on my friends list were cheering, others were scolding the cheerers. As for me, I won't shed a tear for the guy. Everything he ever supported, every principle he ever stood up for, was hateful and bigoted. An Elmer Fudd line from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon kept going through my head yesterday: "Good widdance ta bad wubbish!"

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