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Mars Needs Molly Bolts (well, I do)

So today I went out to Target to look for three specific bathroom fixtures: a toothbrush stand, a towel rod, and a toilet paper holder.

TOOTHBRUSH STAND: Can't be anything fragile like glass or ceramic, in case someone knocks it over. Metal's not so good either because *VERY LOUD CLATTER*. Looked for a plastic one. Damn, it's hard to find 'em except in metal and ceramic. Found a plastic one, but it looked a bit unstable. In case it didn't work out, got a metal one as well, wrapped in bamboo. But hey, if I put it on the right side of the sink, the table's underneath and it won't have far to fall! The metal one's working nicely.

TOWEL ROD: Found a very nice-looking metal-tube affair. Mom wants it on the left side of the sink, so the door has to clear it without hitting it. It clears it, I checked. But I haven't installed it yet. Why? Read on.

TOILET PAPER HOLDER: Found a nice hook-shaped rod that matches the towel rod. But trying to put it up was a FIASCO. Long story short, there's now three holes in the wall; one hits something solid I can't drill into and is useless. The other two are big and ugly, and the little plastic screw anchors have been lost forever inside them. Gave up in despair, hot, tired, and pissed off. Now that I'm cooled off and feeling better, I think I can salvage the project. Must visit the hardware store to get some molly bolts.

Oh yeah, I also got WKRP in Cincinnati: The Complete First Season, a loaf of bread, and a Lightning Storm McQueen (like in that scene in "Cars" where McQueen imagines he's a movie star playing a superhero car that can fly!)

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