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Stressful day but yay noise-cancelling headphones!

I bought some noise-cancelling headphones today. It's neat; they cancel the low frequencies, so I can still hear surrounding noise, but it's sort of pinched, like when you're on a plane and your ears get stuffed up. Then when I start the music, it fills the resulting sonic partial vacuum.

While listening to the CD and sitting at the mall, I got a page or two of the Furry Cruise diary done. If things settle down and get more stable, maybe I'll actually be able to finish it before Morphicon.

Then, lessee... I bought ketchup. I came home, where the bathroom had finally been painted (ornj). Now here's hoping they'll put the toilet back tomorrow... I got online despite my previous proclamation because staying offline last night didn't help my back as much as it made me miss y'all.

Rainstorm. ^$%(^*&ing power glitch. Temporarily losing my IRC connection, and can't get it back 'cause gotta go to Olive Garden. In the pouring rain. Lost my temper. Too many stressful things at once.

Got back, reconnected, ate food. Good mood returned. And y'know what? I now have noise-cancelling headphones!

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