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Today's "Mallard Fillmore" strip quotes a survey showing that "while only 13% of Americans age 18 to 24 know where Iraq is, 34% know where the islands are where the first 'Survivor' show was filmed." Mallard then goes on to comment, "Know what's even scarier? 100% are eligible to vote."

I've always been bothered by statements like these. Another recent one stated that young people can name more members of the band U2 than Supreme Court justices. Well, duh! U2's a rock band! They make albums and do concerts and get articles written about them, of course people can name the band members! What difference does it make how many people can name U2 or know where the Survivor islands are?

What I wanna know is, would Mallard Fillmore consider it a step in the right direction if people started forgetting where the Survivor islands are? Or, if everybody could locate both Iraq and the Survivor islands, would he consider that not good enough?

I've never liked statements of the form "it's a shame that people don't know this important newsworthy thing but they do know this pop culture thing" as if knowing the pop culture thing were bad. Damn U2, damn them! Those awful rock stars, how dare they take citizens' valuable brain space away from the Supreme Court justices! Bah! We need to bomb the Survivor islands off the map so Iraq will fit in people's minds! Blarg!

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