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On a not-so-happy note...

This week's gonna be yet another KT-puts-off-his-projects-some-more kinda week, because I'm gonna be busy dealing with a speeding ticket I got back in May.

I opted to take a defensive driving course to get out of paying the fine... but then somehow I put off taking the course until today. I rented a home traffic course from Blockbuster Video yesterday, started taking the test today, and will finish it tomorrow.

The deadline for all this is Dec. 18. Fortunately I was given the option of overnight or two-day delivery (for a fee) for the test results once I complete the course, so I should have the results before the deadline.

The problem is... I also need to have a copy of my driving record... which I need to get from the Dept. of Public Safety in Austin... and the sheet I got from the court says it takes three or four weeks to get it. Aargh.

I wonder if the DPS has a similar fast-service-for-a-fee sort of thing. That'd be nice. I need to call them tomorrow...

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