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Arrr, this chair be high, says I: From shoe store to car repair in only a chair

(Edit: Um, I meant to say "ergonomic", not "orthopedic". Fixed.)

Wednesday: As described before, I woke up early, lifted a table, and strained my back. I went with Dad to the airport in pain, then drove his car back home in pain and pouring rain (which fortunately stopped soon after I got home). At home, workers showed up to start dismantling our front bathroom. I tried to take a nap to give my back a rest, but they were right outside my door and too loud, so I moved to the back and slept in Dad's bed (which fortunately gave me easy access to the one working bathroom).

Thursday: I determined that my back was in such poor shape because of my computer chair. The seat padding has gone flat, and the chair has a tendency to tilt to the left no matter how many times the base has been swiveled around. I decided to buy a new chair at a place called "Relax the Back Store". They have ergonomic chairs with lots of levers on them to shift a chair into all sorts of back-bending shapes. Unfortunately, I forgot the Shoe Store Rule: Test the thing out thoroughly before buying it. Like someone buying new shoes, I thought the only reason it felt funny was because it was unfamiliar, and once I got it home I'd be able to break it in.

Friday: The chair arrived by delivery truck. The deliverers assembled it on the front lawn and moved it past the bathroom workers into my room, which I'd hastily made room for by dumping piles of books, magazines and bags on my bed. Then I tried to break the chair in, only to find, like the shoe buyer, that it was a bad fit to begin with. Instead of sore feet, the chair made my recuperating back feel sore again, caused mainly by the fact that I couldn't get it to go down far enough. I had it down to its lowest height, and it was still too high! Also, the lever that was supposed to make the seat go back and forth wouldn't work at all.

But the chair, plus delivery fees and taxes, cost over $1,900, so I was determined to make it work. I determined that if I got something to rest my feet on, and raised my desk six inches, the new chair would work out. So I made plans to spend Saturday buying cinderblocks, clearing everything off my desk, cleaning the dust off it, and raising it up on top of the cinderblocks. It would be a tough, grueling chore, but I was determined to do it.

Later in the evening, I realized that if I just moved the keyboard and digital tablet off the sliding keyboard tray onto the main part of the desk, and removed the keyboard tray, that would work out equally well and be a lot less work. So I made plans to do that.

Then I went to sleep in Dad's bed, because those books and magazines were still piled on it.

Saturday (today): I discussed the issues I had with the chair with my mom with my thinking cap on. We decided, this chair is more trouble than it's worth, and I decided, I shoulda shopped around instead of thinking "It's ERGONOMIC! I'll take it!" and making a desperate $2000 impulse purchase. So I called the Relax the Back Store to ask if I could return it for a refund. They said yes. So I took the chair out of my room past the bathroom workers, and struggled to get it into Mom's van (no way would it fit in my little Toyota). I had to remove one of the removable seats from the van, and the arms from the chair, to get it to fit in the back. It was a mighty struggle.

Then I drove to Relax the Back, and after waiting for the salesman to finish with other customers and being told "Be right with you" about 5 times, I asked him to help me get it out of the van and into the store. He asked what was wrong with it, and I told him about the seat being too high. Right there in the parking lot, he pulled the height lever and pushed the seat down PAST what I THOUGHT was its lowest height, to a NEW lowest height which was actually pretty comfy when I tried sitting on it, right there in the parking lot! It didn't do that when I had it at home!

Then I told him about the seat depth lever not working. He pulled it up and slid the seat forward. It didn't do that when I had it at home either! EVIL CHAIR!

It was like when you take your car to the mechanic because it's making some kind of horrible clunking noise, but when the mechanic starts the car, the engine purrrrrs like a kitten and you begin to doubt your own sanity. I wonder if maybe the deliverers didn't put it together quite right, but then wrestling it into and out of the van snapped something into place. I dunno.

I asked for a refund anyway because I still wanted to look at other, cheaper places first. My momma shoulda told me, you better shop around. So he gladly refunded my money (minus the delivery fee, of course. Oh well, wasting $75 is not as bad as wasting $1900.)

Then I had lunch, went home, and started cleaning up my room, and got all those books and magazines off my bed so I can sleep in my room again tonight. But it was such a big exhausting job that I decided to take two days to do it. So right now my bed is free, but the rest of the space is filled with piles of things that need sorting, and I'm using Mom's computer tonight. Oh, and Mom says I can have the chair she's been using at her computer, which used to be my chair, and which for a long time I'd regretted giving up. Now I get it back again, and she's going to see if she likes the one I've been using. Yaay!

Sunday: My plan is to finish cleaning my room and get my stuff out of Dad's room and off the couch.

Monday: Mom has to go to the dentist. She'll try to go as early as possible so she can be back before I need to go pick up Dad at the airport (hopefully it won't be raining this time.)

Tuesday: The workers ought to be done building our new bathroom.

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