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Ooog, what a day.

I've been spending the last few nights going to bed and waking up earlier and earlier, by an hour or an hour and a half each day, in preparation for waking up at 8:00 this morning to go with Dad to the airport. He wanted to drive his car to the airport to give it some freeway mileage (since he's only ever been using it to drive to work and back), but he didn't want to leave it at the airport, so he wanted me to go with him and drive it back home. Fine with me.

Meanwhile, my mom has been planning to have our bathroom completely remodeled, and she let me know that the workers would arrive today. Also fine with me.

The trouble started when Mom wanted me to move the big table in the front room so it wouldn't be in the workers' way. She asked me to do this in the morning while Dad was getting ready to leave. The table is of light enough build that I can lift it on my own, so I did that. But then she wasn't sure where she wanted me to put it.

So while she's thinking, and I'm standing there holding the table... suddenly my back started hurting! Quite badly, in fact! So Mom quickly thought of a place for me to put it (in Dad's office room) and then I had to go get in the car with Dad. And I had to carry his suitcase. Aargh. Oh yeah, and it was starting to rain.

So we got in the car, where I found I couldn't get comfortable without pain. My back hurt all the way to the airport. I decided I wanted to stop at a convenience store on my way back to get painkillers. Dad suggested Aleve. Eventually we got to IAH, Dad got out and got his luggage, and I got in the driver's seat. Still in pain, I drove away from the terminal and got on Will Clayton Parkway to find a convenience store.

I found a Valero and stopped. By this time the rain was picking up. I got out my umbrella and went inside to look for painkillers. There was a row of little cardboard boxes of medicines in little individual-dose packets. Just what I needed! But I'd never tried Aleve before, and I didn't know if I'd have any reactions to it, and I didn't want to find out on the freeway in the rain, so I got extra-strength Tylenol instead, and a candy bar and a bottle of water.

By this time it was a downpour outside. I stood there waiting for a minute or so, but I really wanted to hurry up and take the pills, and besides the music playing in the store was really annoying, so I braved the rain and went out to the car. Got all wet, even with my umbrella.

In the car, I ate the candy bar and took the pills. I was in so much pain I realized I couldn't tell if it was backstrain or a kidneystone.

The rain didn't look like it was going to slack off anytime soon, so I put in an OK Go CD (yaay, Dad's car is the same make, model and year as mine, and even has a CD player! I bet he's never used it.) I got onto the freeway and headed towards home again through the driving rain. It was a bit scary and still very painful. (The Tylenol never did a damn thing for me.)

I went to my room to get some rest, but then the workers arrived, and they started making a lot of noise right outside my door, because the bathroom is across the hall from my bedroom. So I moved back to sleep in Dad's bedroom, where I could put two doors between me and the noise. That worked out. (Although my rest was interrupted by Mom asking me to move the cars so the workers could park their truck in front of the house.)

At 1:30 pm, I was still in pain, but the Tylenol had safely worn off (not like I could TELL, sheesh) so I had lunch and took a hydrocodone I'd gotten back in December for my kidneystones. (BTW, I think it's backstrain, because it flared up when I moved in certain ways, as opposed to a kidneystone, which HURTS LIKE HELL no matter WHAT I do.) The hydrocodone made me feel pleasantly wiggy, but it couldn't totally kill the pain, although it enabled me to get several hours of sleep while the workers turned our front bathroom into a huge hole in the wall. (Fortunately we have a back bathroom we can use until they finish the job.)

So... what a day.

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