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Two things I hate

1. I hate cold rainy weather. Well, more precisely, I hate having to go out in it and run errands.

2. I hate when I go to Kroger's to do the shopping and a guy asks me to leave my bag up front. Leave my bag up front?! They've never made me do that before! I wanted to have my bag with me because I wanted to put my sketchbook under the grocery list as a solid surface so I could write on the list and cross stuff off... also because the cart I'd chosen didn't have a cup holder to hold the drink I got... also because I might need my glasses to read signs way up in the air above the butcher's head or whatever.

But they made me leave it up front! Then I couldn't keep my sketchbook with me because without the bag, there was nothing to keep it from falling between the bars of the cart... and my drink was in danger of tipping over (it did at one point, spilling some Dr Pepper on their nice clean paranoid floor)... and most of all, I felt they were treating me like a criminal! Sheesh! "Welcome to Kroger's, you little thief! We're watching you!" Aargh.

Oh yeah, and on the way home, my windows got all fogged up, and only the front windshield would defog.

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