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Screw shark week! It's time for...


All this week on the Meerkatscovery Channel:

A Meerkat Chopper
Meerkatty Jobs
Meerkat vs. Wild
I Shouldn't Be a Meerkat
Deadliest Meerkatch
How It's Meerkatted
It Takes a Meerkat
Meerkat Builders
Stunt Meerkats

And on The Meerkattening Channel:

Trading Meerkats
What Not To Meer
A Meerkat Hot Rod

Meanwhile over on the Food Meerkatwork:

Essence of Emeerkatil
Good Eats with Meerkatton Brown
Iron Kat
Molto Meerkattio
MeerkatNation with Bobby Flay

Meanwhile, on Sunday night, the Discovery Channel aired a show called YouSpoof Discovery, on which they aired clips from fan-created parodies of their shows. If you missed it, you can see the parodies online at http://www.discovery.com/spoof ! One of my favorites is "Rejected FutureWeapons".

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