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I went to a coin shop today

See, I've been collecting the state quarters ever since the first one came out. (Only ten states left, yay!) I've been collecting two of each: one to put in a display album, and one as shiny and pristine as possible, to put in a plastic sleeve to keep it clean.

Well, I ran out of plastic sleeves, so I went to a coin shop today. They didn't have the same kind of plastic sleeves, but they did have hard plastic frames, each with five quarter-size lenses with collars to hold the coins in place. Since there are ten quarters left in the 50 State Quarters program, I bought two (five each makes ten). Unfortunately I forgot about the last two quarters of 2006, which I ran out of sleeves before bagging. I'll have to go back and get another one.

Anyway, while I was there I saw a bin full of foreign coins, 50 cents each or 10 for $3.95. I guess those are the coins that aren't worth enough to sell individually. I got ten coins:

1 Mexican peso, 1997 (two-toned coin like a Canadian toonie, only smaller)
1 Canadian cent, 1934 (George V; different reverse design than today)
5 Canadian cents, "NICKEL 1751-1951", commemorating the discovery of nickel (the metal)! (George VI)
2 French francs, 1982
1 Belgian franc, 1991 (large three-pointed star on reverse makes it look a bit like a Mercedes-Benz logo)
1 Dutch gulden, 1982 (very modern geometric design)
2 Swiss centimes, 1955
50 Italian lire, 1978
1 South African cent, 1992 (smallest coin I could find in the bin!)
10 Japanese yen, Shōwa 28 (1953)

As I paid for my purchases, I asked the guy behind the counter if he'd seen the new George Washington dollar coins. Sure enough, he had rolls of them for sale. He handed me one to look at. Nice, shiny, yellow, and safely female-figure-free to avoid offending supporters of the patriarchy. Not a bad picture of George; he looked his usual stern Washingtonian self, instead of the pissed-off zombie cyborg the U.S. Mint website made him look like. I asked if I could have the coin for $1, but he said the going rate was $1.95. I told him I'd wait till I started getting them in my change. :}

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