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Stupid *&(%^& Windows

OK, how do I tell Windows XP ONCE AND FOR ALL that I want to use the "Windows Classic" theme (the one with the square grey edges) and NOT the "Windows Classic (Modified)" theme (the one with the rubbery blue edges with rounded-off corners)? I'm tired of having to reset it EVERY *(&%$$& TIME I boot up this computer.

(And do not bother me with "get a Mac" or "use Linux". Such comments will be considered unfunny, unamusing, and worst of all unhelpful. It's like telling someone who's asking how to calculate sales tax "move to Canada" or something. All he needs is a calculator!)

(That is to say, I've put a lot of work into getting everything on this computer how I like it and where I want it. I'm not throwing it out just because you think Macs are better. This does not preclude my someday maybe getting a Mac or something, just NOT NOW.)

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