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People I colleged with

Oh heck, I just remembered Paul and Eddie were my suitemates in my fifth year, not my freshman year. I went back and edited my previous post accordingly.

First year: My roommate was a nice, unassuming guy named Mark Gray. We didn't interact much, but then we didn't get in each other's way either. Our suitemates were "Bud" Weisser, whose sense of humor kinda grated on me, and another guy whose name I can't remember. We had a vator suite, which meant our rooms were on opposite sides of the elevator, connected by a longish hall behind the elevators that contained two bathrooms, instead of just one like all the other suites! That was a sweet suite. The vator suites are prized real estate by students in Sid Rich.

Second and third years, I lived off-campus here at home, and Mom drove me to and from Rice.

Fourth year, tired of commuting, I managed to move back on-campus. My roommate was a Muslim guy named Sayyied. His prayers caused one problem but solved another.
CAUSED: I was taking a shower one day, and Sayyied came in from class. He didn't realize I was in the shower, and he closed the door and started praying. When I was done with my shower, I discovered he'd locked me out, with nothing but a towel! I banged on the door several times, yelling "SAYYIIIIIIED!!" Finally he reached a point in his prayer where he could stop and let me in.
SOLVED: I had lost my calculator. I even bought a new one. One day after a prayer session, Sayyied told me that while prostrating, he noticed something on the floor in the small space between my desk and my bookcase. Sure enough, it was my missing calculator!

Fifth year (As the son of a Rice faculty member, I got up to five years free tuition, so I stuck around): My roommate was a Russian guy named Leonid Litvak, Leo for short. It was pretty cool living with a Russian guy, because that was the year I decided to take introductory Russian to satisfy my humanities requirement (or whichever requirement it was). He occasionally helped me with my Russian homework, and I picked up the pronunciations of certain words, such as один (one), which sounds like "a-DYEEN" (unstressed 'о' is pronounced very weak, like 'а'). Sometimes his family members would leave phone messages in Russian, and I learned how to end a Russian phone conversation: "Пока" (pronounced "pa-KAH", literally "for now", colloquially "So long!") Leo's pronunciation of some English words was a little odd, though. One of my favorite comic strips in the paper at the time was "Mr. Boffo", which Leo kept pronouncing "Mr. Buffoo" (like "buffoon", but without the N). At least he didn't say "boofoo"...

My memory is a bit hazy, but I believe Paul ee Eddie were my suitemates for the last two years I was there. Must have been, because otherwise I can't for the life of me remember who my suitemates were in my fourth year. We didn't interact a lot, kinda like me and Mark Gray. I remember Eddie listening to music on his stereo, specifically the songs "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction, and "Mongoloid" by Devo.

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