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Paul and Eddie's answering machine message

When I went to Rice University, I lived on-campus my freshman, senior and fifth years, in Sid W. Richardson Residential College (the dorms at Rice are called "colleges"), known as "Sid Rich" for short. In Sid Rich (and I think in all the colleges there) the rooms are paired off into suites. A suite consists of two rooms, housing two students each, connected to one bathroom. Thus, every student has one roommate and two suitemates.

In my fifth year, my roommate was a Russian guy named Leo, and our suitemates were two guys named Paul and Eddie. The message they put on their answering machine played on the fact that Eddie is Hispanic, whereas Paul is very, very white. Eddie wrote a message in Spanish, and Paul read it in a strong American accent, pretending he knew next to nothing about speaking Spanish. It was a hoot! It sounded like this:

"Hoe-lah. Ess-toe ess ell hoe-gar day Paul ee Eddie. Pore favore, day-jah oon...* ...men-sah-jay... de-spoo-ess del *beep*. Grah-see-us."

*Slight pause here as Paul needed to think about how to pronounce "mensaje". He probably had to catch himself from saying "men-sa-hay". Also, slight semisarcastic-sounding emphasis on the word "beep", which made it 175% funnier.

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