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Thursday at FC

So yesterday I hung out at the Doubletree for the first official day of Further Confusion, where in a flurry of activity, or rather several separate mini-flurries of activity, I took Lenester and Redfeather (now known as Lavacat) and two of their friends to the Greyhound station to get refunds, because on the way here, their bus broke down and Greyhound took forever to deal with it; I got my conbadge, allowing me to park at the Doubletree for free (assuming I can find a parking space, 'cause MAN it's crowded); I hung out and chatted with friends and fursuiters; I took Lenester and Lavacat out again to get art supplies, which, due to Google's inadequate directions and the fact that Michael's moved, and didn't have what Lavacat needed anyway, but fortunately Aaron Bros. did, took way longer than it should have, leading to Babs & Squirrelly calling me while I was in traffic, so I had Lenester call them back; and I picked Babs & Squirrelly up at the airport and moved them in with me at the Motel 6, where we all slept for one night in preparation for moving into the Doubletree today.

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