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I'm in looove with my caaaaaar

Getting more and more used to my new car, who by the way I have decided to name Julia. Julia Toyotha (pronounced "Toyota" with the second 't' aspirated).

At first I was annoyed because there didn't seem to be a place to put my glasses case. In my old car Steve, I slip the case under the wide elastic fabric band wrapped around the sun visor, but Julia's sun visors don't have elastic bands. But today I found it: there's a sort of rigid pocket on the side of the center pedestal of the dash assembly, which holds my glasses case nicely.

There's another pocket on the other side of the pedestal, which contains the AUX jack for plugging in an iPod, in case I ever get one or give a lift to someone who has one.

Also, the cup holder isn't big enough to fit a bottle like Steve's is, but I found where to put my bottle: in the bottle-holder section of the door pocket. The instruction manual says not to put an open bottle there, because it might spill when opening and closing the door. But that's not an issue while I'm driving! Thus, I can take sips of water at stoplights like I've always done in Steve.

I had a confusing moment at the... ART STOOOORRRE! I bought a piece of foamcore board and I wanted to put it in the trunk... but I couldn't open the trunk with the key! Turns out there are two different kinds of keys: a master key that does everything, and a sub key that does everything except open the trunk. I had to read the manual to figure that out, but once I did I swapped 'em (fortunately I had one of the master keys with me, on the valet keyring in my coin purse).

I can't wait to get my new computer, reinstall Photoshop, and put a face on Julia!

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