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Goodbye Momma, hello Diesel Sweeties

The Houston Chronicle has dropped Momma and replaced it with Diesel Sweeties.

If you'd told me yesterday they were going to do this, I would have thought you were joking! I didn't even know Diesel Sweeties appeared in print anywhere.

It's sad, though... not sad that they dropped Momma, but sad that I just know some people are going to complain about it. Because every time a paper drops one of these decrepit old dinosaur strips that nobody reads or knows anyone who reads anymore, a few people always come out of the woodwork to write angry letters to the editor comparing the change to, say, bulldozing La Scala in Milan and putting up a mega-Starbucks.

Me, though, I welcome the change! Now if they'd just drop Crock and replace it with Ozy & Millie...

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