A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

New car, part 1

We went to look at new cars today.

The fact that I had to get the head gaskets replaced at MFF (and pay $1700 for it) alarmed my mom, and she wants me to get a new car. So... OK. We'll get me a new car and sell my old one to our housekeeper, who could use it.

My dad is happy with his Toyota Yaris, so on Mom's suggestion, I'm getting a Yaris. We went and looked at them today, and decided to get one. We'll go and buy it tomorrow. My only requirement was that it be a different color than my dad's car, so we can tell them apart. :} I test-drove a red one. Hmm, if I get the red one, then the red eyelids on my Lightning McQueen sunshade will match! However, Dad says red cars are more likely to be stolen, and we've heard elsewhere they're also more likely to be pulled over by cops, so I'll probably get the white one instead.

So it seems I'll be driving a new white Toyota Yaris to Further Confusion! (Oh, and apparently it's pronounced YAHR-iss, not YAIR-iss; [ˈjɑɹɪs] in IPA.

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