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The first & last burrito of 2006

Last night on IRC, people were talking about burritos. mr_fu mentioned a hilarious site called http://www.burritoeater.com/ , which rates taquerias in the San Francisco area, and other folks were talking about how they like their burritos... and even though burritos are not something I normally eat, suddenly I wanted one! But it was late at night and I'd already had supper anyway.

So tonight I decided to go out to Chipotle and get a burrito to go. Their rice has cilantro in it, which I don't like (the stuff tastes like SOAP!), but the guy said he could give me plain rice. So I ordered a burrito with plain rice, black beans, steak and cheese. (Some folks like to add veggies and some don't. I decided not to, on the theory that veggies would make a soggy spot in the tortilla.)

The guy at the cash register was somehow misinformed that my burrito was chicken, and he wrote a C on the foil and rung me up for a chicken burrito. But I told him no, it was steak. He was so impressed by my honesty (steak more expensive than chicken) that he gave me the burrito for free, only charged me $.76 for the chips I wanted, and wished me a happy new year! See, it pays to be honest. I'ma go there again soon!

Then I wanted to get an Italian sandwich from Quizno's for my mom. Fortunately there was a Quizno's on Buffalo on my way home. Unfortunately, it seemed to be understaffed. "Don't tell me there's only one person behind the counter," I muttered. The guy in front of me muttered, "Okay, I won't tell you." There were four people ahead of me, and it looked like it would take forever. So I left, and went to the one on Main Street, which was slightly out of my way.

They were CLOSED!

So I hadda go back to the one on Buffalo. This time there were five people ahead of me! But now there were two people behind the counter. But when I ordered a Classic Italian, the woman behind the counter dithered around for a while and then told me they were out of some of the ingredients. The only meat they had left for the Classic Italian was salami. I said fine; I knew Mom wouldn't mind. The guy charged me a discount. Not free, but I only had to pay four dollars and change. Oh well.

By the time I got home, my burrito was getting lukewarm. So I zapped it in the microwave for 45 seconds. Now it's perfect!

Heppi Gnu Gyahr!

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