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The year in review, spliced

At the end of every year, many people on LJ make a post titled "The year in review" in which they copy the first sentence from the first post of every month, and string them together into a single paragraph.

I decided to take that one step further. The following paragraph is one long splicing made up of the first half of the first sentence from January, the second half of the first sentence and the first half of the second sentence from each month from February to November, and the second half of the first sentence from December:

Darn it, I made a few mistakes all the way from England! Andy Partridge, of XTC fame, has been releasing a series of compilation albums of battery-powered air pump, and here we see him using it on Bonnie Chère (consensually, of course) to enhance her... outstanding qualities. You know all those subway map parodies people have been making with the Finnish numbers 1 to 10, anagrammed: I have a dental appointment. On Wednesday, I fly to Ohio with transgender people, and an attitude about them that I happened to encounter at one point during RCFM. There were these two people at the con; I'll call them about Superman Returns. In the scene where Lex Luthor has Lois Lane on his boat, and he's talking to her, and he's saying, "that should be painful. It's about Greenville, TX? Specifically, is Greenville strapped for THE POLICE!! FUCK THEM AND THEIR FUCKING SPEEDTRAPS AND THEIR $3000 MACHINE seen in Roman Nose State Park: DEER RUN my schedule.

In this context, "first post of $month" means the first post that contains at least two complete sentences and is not an untranscribed phonepost.

I wanna see other people do this and post the results in their own LJs!

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