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Wanted to post this last night but the #@^%*! ISP went down

I had a relatively interesting day today [Wednesday]! My Mom's going to New York with her friend Peggy to see the Lilac Festival, so they went to the airport today in Mom's minivan, and I went along for the ride. My job? To drive the van home so they wouldn't have to pay for airport parking.

So after we got to the terminal and they took their luggage and went inside, I went around to the driver's seat. I adjusted the mirrors and slowly drove off. (I'm used to driving my little Chevy Cavalier, but I learned to drive in the minivan, so I can if I have to.) I drove along Will Clayton Parkway, stopped at the Sonic drive-in for lunch, then headed out onto the freeway and over to the Galleria.

I sat at the Galleria to kill about an hour. I wanted to go to the movies, but it was only 11:00 am and I didn't want to get there before it opened. So I sat at a table near the food court and worked on a cartoon.

At noon, I drove over to the AMC Studio 30, a multiplex that's so big it bears a resemblance to an airport. It makes you want to run thru the halls yelling "The flight's leaving! I mean, the movie's starting!" I went and saw Spider-Man. Fun! And later I noticed there's a pun in the casting: Willem Dafoe plays da foe.

After the movie, I drove the van home and took a nap. Dad came home later, and I made burgers for supper. Yum!

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