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Con crunch?

Not that I'm not looking forward to the Furry Cruise or anything, but I wish I'd realized when I was planning out the year's trips that I'd have to hit the road again only a week after getting back from MFF. I haven't even started putting up the MFF diary yet! I think what I'll do is I'll think of MFF and the Furry Cruise as one big trip with a week's rest at home in between. And when I get home from the cruise I'll start putting up the MFF diary, and then the cruise diary.

And I shall avoid planning trips so close together from now on!

In fact, I'm only planning to go to four furry cons in 2007: FC, Morphicon, AC, and MFF. This is not any kind of comment on the ones I'm not going to; I decided to narrow it down to four, and those are simply the four I've chosen.

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