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Home from MFF!

On Monday, I didn't even make it out of Illinois.

On Tuesday (yesterday), I left Illinois, went through Missouri and Arkansas, and reached Texas!

I spent the night in Texarkana, where I wanted to make a phone post, but my phone wasn't getting any signal, which was weird because the last time I made a call from Texarkana I was able to, using Cingular. Did T-Mobile and Cingular have a fight while I was away? Was there phone carrier drama, prompting Verizon, AT&T and Sprint to say things like "OMG TEH DR4M4" and "Cheer up emo carrier"?

So anyway, I drove the rest of the way home today. A funny thing happened as I was entering Houston: I was on US 59, in the left lane, and this big Chevy SUV came up behind me in a biiig hurry. The speed limit was 60 mph, but he was doing 80! So I moved over and let him pass me, then I got behind him. But suddenly, very abruptly, he slowed way down. Then I saw why: there were two cops sitting on the left shoulder. One of them pulled out behind me and started flashing his lights. Uh-oh. I moved over into the next lane again to see what the cop would do. He passed me and got behind the SUV, and pulled him over to the right shoulder to write him a ticket.

<span style="tone-of-voice: 'Nelson Muntz'">HA-ha!</span>

Ooog. Next trip for me is the Furry Cruise, for which I have to leave town next week. I seriously need to stop planning these trips so close together.

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