A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Voice Post:

209K 1:05
“This is KT and I'm in Springfield! Lisa Simpson says hello. Let's see... the drive up through Arkansas was totally uneventful, although I got a bunch of die-cast Cars toys at Wal-mart when I got to West Memphis.

Then I entered Missouri. The first 48 miles of Missouri are just boring and bland, and then you get to the welcome center. I guess those first 40 miles aren't worth welcoming people to. Then after about 60 miles are a bunch of billboards, telling me to vote vo on Proposition 2 because cloning's bad, and yes on Proposition 3 because it might save a life someday. Uh, Proposition 2's stem cell research grants. And a bunch of anti-abortion ads! And so on.

I bypassed St. Louis by taking 255 and to see how far I could go toward Chicago and I got tired of driving when I drived here In Springfield. Illinois. So! Tomorrow should be a pretty
short drive. And I'll see everyone when I get to the con. Good bye!”

Transcribed by: aatheus

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