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Cars Coughed Away

So I picked up "Cars" on DVD (and got a bunch of diecast Cars figures, yaay!) and saw "Flushed Away" in theatres. Well, one theatre. (Notice I'm spelling it the British/Canadian way. This is because I WANT the terrists to win!)

It's a fun movie, with all the weirdness you'd expect from Aardman Animations, the folks who brought you "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" and "Curses from the War Chicken". Refreshingly light on toilet humor too, despite taking place mostly in the sewer. Didja see the trailer, where Roddy the house mouse is in the water, and he grabs something brown and log-shaped, EWWW, which turns out to be an actual candy bar, whew? That was it. That was the one poop joke. (Well, one of the two. The other is a casual line about "those aren't chocolate buttons" in which nothing is even shown.)

Lessee, there's a whole underground city of mice and rats, a villainous toad (and his French frog cousin) and a cute mouse named Rita whom you know Roddy's going to end up with, oh yes and a recurring Greek chorus of singing slugs. There's also the question of whether the movie suffers from being CGI instead of clay. I don't think it does. Same sort of character designs, with motion that's a bit smoother. Works for me!

(Oh, and didja see the early trailer, where Roddy's got these two butler mice? They're not in the movie. I guess they were taken out to accentuate Roddy's loneliness.)

I was worried I'd be coughing all through the movie, since I'm in the scratchy-throat-and-persistent-cough phase of my cold, so I brought cough drops and Starburst fruit chew candies (which I've discovered are very good at staving off sore throat). But just before the movie started, I bought a hot dog and a soda. That was EXACTLY what I needed. The hotdog was gone before the movie started, but the soda kept my throat lubricated for most of the movie. I didn't even start coughing until the second half of the movie, and then not much anyway. I ended up taking a grand total of ONE cough drop.

And now that I've been to Chili's and am too full to drink a soda, the coughing has started again. Oh well, I've got cough drops.

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