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Watched most of "Capote" just now. Near the end, there's a scene in which a telegram appears onscreen. I wanted to go back and pause it so I could read it, but my DVD drive couldn't handle that. It wouldn't rewind, it wouldn't play any further, and I couldn't even start again from the beginning of the chapter. Apparently the disk is too smudged or something. That's the risk of buying used DVDs; whoever had it before may have been a total slob and gotten fingerprints, dog drool, pizza, baby or whathaveyou on the playing surface.

I've bought a couple of used CDs before and not had a problem with them, but I think I shan't buy any more used DVDs. The inability to see a movie in its entirety is kind of a dealbreaker. Well, except I want to go back to Blockbuster and see if I can exchange this filthy thing for a less messed-on copy. Now I'm just debating whether to take it back first, or watch "Rent" and check it for playability, and save a trip if necessary. I don't wanna watch "Rent" right now, though; I've had enough heaviness for one day.

Oh, and how is the movie so far? Pretty good. Very somber. I can see why some people can't stand the voice, but I can handle it. :} Capote strings these two men along (by befriending one and barely giving the other the time of day) to mine for literary gold, then starts to break down as he realizes he's toying with their lives. Powerful stuff, but I can see why my dad hated the guy. :}

Edit: Took it back, replaced it, checked the replacement disk's playing surface. A few light scratches and some fingerprints.

(On the one hand, damn y'all treat these disks shabby! On the other hand, why didn't the designers anticipate that and enclose the disk in some kind of protective shell like computer disks?)

Asked the cashier about cleaning it. She wiped it with a cleaning cloth. I took it home, hoping it would play. Tried to view from the chapter I was watching. Wouldn't work. Tried to view from the previous chapter. No good. Tried the one before that. It worked. Sat through two chapters a second time and watched the end. Dang, Capote got in way over his head and couldn't handle it, and never wrote another book again, and I hope nobody accuses me of spoiling, because this is based on real life.

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