A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Open Season and trailers

I saw Open Season yesterday. Not great, but not unwatchable. Best parts: the "fake mauling behind the curtain" scene, the fact that Martin Lawrence only says "my bad" once. Worst parts: the ugly squirrels, the deer pellets.

Trailers I saw before the movie:
The Nativity Story. How Jesus was born. Eh. But what's this? Olive-skinned Mideastern actors? A Biblical film with an ethnically correct cast? I'm amazed!
Arthur and the Invisibles. Plot is similar to "The Borrowers" (child discovers race of tiny people in house, enlists their help to prevent evil lawyers from demolishing the house), except in this case the child shrinks and becomes one of them (kinda like in "The Ant Bully"). A mix of live action and CGI. The tiny people look like a cross between troll dolls and big-floppy-eared anime elves. 50-50 chance it'll suck.

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