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Phunny pikz meem revisited

There's a meme making the rounds currently, something along the lines of doing art for the first five people to respond. I, however, want to do something slightly different.

Remember that meme from several months ago about doing crappy drawings combining two interests? I had so much fun doing that one that I wanna do it again. Sooo...

* Everybody who responds to this post will get a quick sketch.
* The sketch will somehow combine two of your interests (my choice) as listed on your LJ info page.
* If you have fewer than two interests listed, I will use the names of two communities or syndicated feeds (again, my choice) that you're a member of.
* If you're a member of fewer than two communities or feeds, tell me two things you're interested in and I will combine them.
* If you responded to this meme last time I did it, I will pick two different interests this time around.

You can do this meme in your own LJ if you want, but it's not required.

(Incidentally, if you look at the above link and see a whole bunch of deleted comments, that was me reposting all the images with corrected URLs and deleting my comments with the old broken URLs.)

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