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In happier news: Fuzzy Warbles 7 & 8

As you can probably tell from the "current music" field on the previous post, the Fuzzy Warbles discs I preordered have shown up! Volumes 7 and 8, completing the series. Also in the package was a nice big box made to look like a nice big '60s-era stamp collection book, titled "The Official Andy Partridge Fuzzy Warbles Collector's Album". I can put all eight discs in it, instantly turning them into a boxed set! There's also a special bonus disc of 9 extra tracks titled "Hinges" (aha, I guess as in little paper?plastic? hinges for affixing stamps to), and a book made to look vaguely like a tape recorder instruction booklet, titled "Hit Record and Play, or A Brief History of Home Sound Capture", which is actually a brief history of how Andy Partridge got interested in recording and became the genius musician we all know and love today. (We do, don't we? I sure do.) Oh yes, and a sheet of decorative stamps showing miniature versions of the individual album covers (which themselves look like giant stamps to begin with).

I'm guessing Andy Partridge likes stamp collecting.

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